Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Chris Matthew Walking Back His Chilling Warnings That Voting for Reds Would Be the End to Democracy


MSNBC’s pseudo journalist before today was Chicken Little aping
Claiming wins by Reds would cause our democracy from us to be escaping
Now that the polls have closed and the results are coming in
Senate in doubt but clearly looks like in the House Reds a flip will win
Chris Matthews is now walking back his attempts to scare voters to prevent a democracy loss
Another example of why the credibility of the MSM deserves to be tossed
Inflation, crime, open border with drugs, CRT and gender identity in our schools
Were real issues causing great voter concern solutions for which Blues are without tools
Blues pivoted from the one trick pony abortion on demand
To preach a set of horrors if Reds won that would plague this land
From the myth of journalists being jailed to citizens being arrested
Chillingly predicted not just merely suggested
Tonight 24/7 demonization of Reds and fear of democracy seemed to work
The Red wave in both House and Senate in massive amounts no longer lurks
Reds will question why so much was allocated to certain races
When money could have been better used to candidates in closer races embrace
Since neither Warnock or Walker may win with more than 50 percent
It will be Groundhog Day at the polls as back to them voters will be sent
Look for a wave not Red or Blue but green
As millions upon millions of dollars will be heading to the election scene

© November 8, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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