Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Biden Vows No Change In His Agenda--Reds Must Spend What Ever It Takes to Get the Right Message Out to Win In Georgia


After the midterms with a Groundhog Day Senate race to run
Biden earlier said he was willing to compromise but now seems to shun
Aping his Inauguration Day speech about trying to the nation unify
Then slamming anyone who supported Trump as a domestic terrorist to the speech deny
An overwhelming majority feels the country is moving in the wrong direction
But Biden now says they are mistaken and don’t see the already made corrections
He has laid down the gauntlet and promised in the next two years
No changes in the Biden agenda will ever appear
Two more years of inflation, fossil fuels war, crime and open borders and drugs like fentanyl
Are existential threats to our safety and security and our prosperity will kill
If either Laxalt or Masters do not win
Reds across the nation must open their money and volunteer bins
To send to Georgia whatever is needed for Walker 2 Warnock defeat
Or disasters off the charts this nation is poised to meet
Without the Senate in Red Hands the filibuster rules go away
And any retiring or dying SCOTUS Justices are replaced by leftists who won’t let the Constitution stand in their way
The power of the purse will not be sufficient to halt Biden in his tracks
Not appropriating funds will be like shooting the nation in its foot and the courage for such disaster the Reds will lack

© November 9, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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