Friday, November 11, 2022

Mayorkas Has Order CBP Chief Chris Magnus to Resign or Be Fired When He the One Who Should Resign


The number of illegals we know about who were encountered and too dumb to run away
Totaled some 2.4 million which is a new record for illegals to be exceeded in fiscal 2023 if to Red Congressional majorities voters say nay
The head of the CBP Chris Magnus who has been in office for about a year,
Crippled by Biden’s and DHS policies has had little success in blocking the flood of illegals that daily appear,
Mayorkas best known for flat out lying to the public that the border is secure
While more than 2.4 million illegals are voting with their feet attracted by Biden’s open border lure
Has ordered Chris Magnus to resign his office or be fired
When Mayorkas whose performance ridicules why he was hired
Is the one who if he had any integrity would have resigned because securing the border could not be done
As long as the Biden welcome mat remained out enticing illegals here and Trump era policies that worked he continued to shun
Mayorkas resigning is a bet you cannot take to the bank
He's sucking down his pay oblivious to the nation going down the tank
© November 11, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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