Sunday, November 6, 2022

Ruhle Interrupts Hochul's Rant on NYC Being Safe and Crime Is a Red Fantasy


Tiffany Cross, a very biased and liberal “pseudo journalist”, did not have her contract renewed
MSNBC due to her “bad behavior on and off the air” decided she was with the network through
Coupled with the firings and demoting of more “pseudo journalists”  at CNN
The light bulb has gone on for liberal biased “pseudo journalists” that biased Red spins
Is no longer the key to higher ratings and to job security or raises win
Stephanie Ruhle was questioning Gov. Hochul on her claim that Red attacks on lack of NYC safety belong in trash bin
To listeners’ great surprise Ruhle interrupted her to produce the facts
People like Ruhle who ride the subways claimed safety there lacks
Was her objective questioning the beginning of the end of the DNC’s MSM grip
Or sadly merely just an unforeseen not to be repeated blip?
MSM “pseudo journalists” are from inflation somewhat immune
They make enough money to avoid on the middle class inflation’s rising doom
But they see the price increase along with the clips on the border surge
Along the increasing amount of fentanyl that our youthful lives are being purged
Maybe being interrupted and corrected by Ruhle will cause Hochul
To no longer treat us mere mortals as no nothing yokels
And reach out to Reds to the issues affecting Americans try to solve
Inflation, crime, border and drugs and the bogus democracy threat dissolve

© November 6, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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