Wednesday, November 9, 2022

The Bluie Bobbsey Twin Losers Have Raked In Almost $300 Million in Contributions to Lose a Combined 5 Times


Fool me once, shame on me but fool me twice shame on you
Bozo O’Rourke was the media darling and now his chance for office may be through
He ran for office 3 times and went down in flames
Donors who gave $175 million must now believe they were insane
From a close loss to Cruz to a run for president cancelled before a primary vote was cast
To a run for governor which was a landslide loss that should make that run his last
PT Barnum astutely once said “There is a fool born every minute”
If alive today and viewing campaigns “Anyone who contributed O’Rourke or Abrams we should gibbet”
Maybe donors were seduced by his close 224,000 vote loss to Cruz who because of a Libertarian tallied less than 51% of the vote
And in a crowded field for the 2020 election thought the chances of the media darling would not be remote
But donors were duped and O’Rourke aped Harris and dropped out before a primary vote was cast
Two time loser donors with brains would believe that campaign would be his last
Not so and against a popular governor Abbott, he cast his hat into the ring
And on gun control a more favorable 2nd Amendment tune began to sing
The notes and his message were off key
Ran into landslide by Abbot even with an endorsement by Oprah Winfrey
Now a three time loser and when he rings potential donors’ doorbells
They should tell him to go to Hell
When it comes to being a fool magnet two time loser Stacey Abrams takes the cake
Raised $27.4 million in 1st 55,000 vote loss to Kemp and in her 2nd 300,000 vote loss to Kemp to closes to $90 million in 2022 take
Donors must be crying in their beers and hoping the two will get real jobs
So once again they don’t fall for their siren calls for support to their pocketbooks rob

© November 9, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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