Tuesday, November 15, 2022

A Texas School District Limits Bathroom Use to Biological Sex at Birth


The transgender bathroom wars are still being waged
For parents with girls having them exposed to chicks with dicks is an outrage
A transgender with a penis with hormones still intact
For a girl in the restroom fearing her safety lacks
The rights of the majority seem trampled by a very small number of transgenders
How do we accommodate the minority without safety of girls not surrender?
One solution might be unisex bathrooms with one stall that the user could lock
A girl could use it and entry by a chick with dick easily block
The only problem is that in some schools students light up or do drugs in the bathrooms
A locked door with a student doing drugs laced with fentanyl brings a deadly doom
Smoke alarms could solve the problem of tobacco or cocaine pipe use
But alarms do not exist to sense drugs injected by needle abuse
This is a problem that one would think rational objective minds could solve
Requiring gender transformation surgery for minors should not be involved
Surgery which may be nonreversible should be made by an adult not a teen
Who may be too influenced by the lure of the transgender scene
The lockable one stall bathroom solution seems the best
Along with massive efforts to educate on dangers of OD’s to fentanyl use arrest

© November 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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