Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Crypto Currency King Sam Bankman-Fried Fall from Grace May Be Like Enron and Madoff


In the 2024 elections Blues look like they will be without their Number 2 cash cow
Sam Bankman-Fried in 2022 Blue candidates’ races with $38 million chose to endow
This 28 year old crypto currency king with the bitcoin bubble was riding high
Investors were lulled into to believing only upside great returns on which they could rely
His net worth was reported to be in excess of 17 billion plus bucks
With his company FTX now B/K with a near zero worth he is really out of luck
Worse sources are claiming like Rome being looted by the Huns
That he has stolen $1 billion of client funds
And transferred another $10 billion of client funds to his company Alameda Research
Shades of clients like those investors in Enron and Madoff’s Ponzi schemes being left in the lurch
Bankman may have to change the first of his hyphenated surname to Conman
As he is now under criminal investigation in the Bahamas for his alleged scam
Here in the U.S. Pelosi’s supposed successor Hakeem
Who received $5800 from Bankman not a donee PAC is silent on the scheme
And Waters that icon of honesty and objectivity on the issue of $38 billion to PAC’s to Blues only sent
When asked Maxine was quick to lie those donations to Reds also went
Conman-Fried needs to before Congress appear
Before this conman escaping extradition disappears
Another example of our democracy really under attack
Not by MAGA Reds but by the millions upon millions of donations elections attract
© November 16, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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