Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Cashless Bail Released Murderer Who Kill Estranged Wife in Front of Her Young Kids Could Be a Willie Horton Moment For Zeldin


In New York’s Gubernatorial race, Governor Hochul
Must think that New York voters are idiotic yokels
As she touts herself as tough on crime and New York is a safe place
Oblivious to the impact of cashless bail as violent crimes increase at a shocking pace
Far too many felons are charged down and then released on cashless bail
And far too many of them commit crimes awaiting trial after being released from jail
Keaira Bennefield’s husband less than 24 hours after on cashless bail back on the streets
After being arrested for violently assaulting his wife to viciously beat
Crashed his car into his wife taking her three small children to school
Then in front of the screaming kids executed her with a gun as his killing tool
Before being released the judge issued a protective order against Bennefield
Effective as a sheet paper in stopping the bullets from the gun he chose to wield
Keaira’s mom is outraged at Hochul for cashless bail and for Keaira’s Hochul blames
For Zeldin voters the heinous killing could be a Willie Horton moment to the voters inflame
We should all mourn the loss of an innocent victim in front of her young kids
New Yorkers should mourn the loss and take the steps to Hochul from office rid
Those living in NYC and of violent crime living in fear
Should vote for Zeldin who on his first day of office will cause D.A. Bragg to disappear

© November 2, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


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