Thursday, November 3, 2022

Female Jogger Sexually Assaulted in Ritzy West Village NYC by Alleged Rapist with 25 Prior Arrests and Wanted for 3 Rapes


With crime surging in Blue run cities with cops resigning and retiring en mass
And Soros funded D.A.’s too quick to give criminals a stay out of jail pass
Joyless Behar of the Clueless View ignorant of the facts falsely claims
There is not crime surge only part of the midterm Red seizing power game
Not only are more crimes occurring but released criminals are causing more crimes as the trend
Residents of color in poorer hoods fearful violent crime surge will never end
In NYC in the ritzy neighborhood of West Village a woman on an early morning jog
Was choked and then sexually assaulted to add to the growing rape logs
The thug had earlier tried to assault and rape
One victim went to the hospital and the other was able to escape
Fortunately the thug was not a mental giant and tried to use a victim’s credit card
Quickly arrested when the store knew the use of the stolen card was barred
The thug Carl Phanor homeless and age 29
Was already wanted for three prior rapes and had been arrested 25 times
Don’t know the results of the arrests but the question to be asked
Why was this person still on the streets to continue his violent tasks?
If D.A. Alvin Bragg had his hands on any of Phanor’s files
Another reason to vote Zeldin and send Bragg out of the D.A.’s office for a long while
© November 3, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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