Sunday, November 20, 2022

A Playport Pre Thanksgiving Day Feast Beta Site


Pre-Thanksgiving 2022 Playport Feast


Once again near Thanksgiving we lucky Playporters celebrate a warm up banquet
To over turkey and its trimmings celebrate our blessings and our worries forget
Joyful that unlike the celebration of the real McCoy
To enjoy the cuisine and neighbors to enjoy
As opposed to the stress of Black Friday to soon be employed
When restaurants cannot find chefs, servers and busboys to deploy
We are blessed with a band of volunteers to enable us this meal to enjoy
What a better place than Playport to resolutions of dieting destroy
Water may be the universal solvent but this poet believes there is one better
That when enjoyed with others jealousy, anger and prejudice are soon fettered
Hard to find a soul spouting hateful speech
While the food needs to be passed since it’s out of reach
And not wanting to a morsel of stuffing or turkey spew
While savoring the taste while one enjoyingly chews
A bountiful warmup day for the near Thanksgiving Day to blessings reveal
Looking forward to what rewards and challenges the coming year will deal

© November 19, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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