Thursday, November 3, 2022

Hochul's Ship Sinking and Blues Are Jumping With Worse to Come For Hochul As Crime Increases


Mere mortal Blues fearing for their safety in the shooting gallery known as the Big Apple
Are concluding that Blue leaders will or cannot the crime wave grapple
They are safe and secure with armed guards while mere mortals have only 911
With cops frustrated and disgusted over the likes of Hochul and Bragg, the felons too often have won
The NYPD Thin Blue Line has gotten thinner each day
The Blue elite must think death and violent crime is okay
Hochul who has her head in the sand
And the disaster for safety due to cashless bail can’t understand
Must be coming to the realization that Zeldin is making her days numbered
Residents attacked on the subways, shot in the streets and businesses
It would be wrong as Top Blues start to abandon Hochul’s floundering ship
To analogize them as rats but better, citizens outraged at crime’s growing grip
The icing on the cake of voters fleeing from the results of Hochul’s soft on crime reality
Is the mother of 3 killed before her kids’ eyes by her ex-husband released on cashless bail insanity
Shades of a Willie Horton déjà vu
That a landslide of voters in 88 chose to Dukakis eschew

© November 3, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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