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Ridley's Believe It Not For November 26, 2022


Hope you survived Black Friday aptly named for merchants on the day crawling out of the year’s red and moving into the profitable mode and the color of shoppers’ bruises incurred by the chaos of shoppers fighting over the best deals or must have holiday gift  Please enjoy today’s Ridley's Believe It Or Not.  Hope you find them informative and worthy of your time to read. If not, please reply “Unsubscribe” and I will delete you from the mailing list.

Ridley’s Believe It Or Not November 26, 2022
National Holiday: Small Business Saturday: Created by American Express in 2010 to promote shoppers leaving the large chain retailers to shop in independently owned businesses that may be beaten on price but not on customer service and support of the local economy.
          Word of the Day: The word of the day is “abear” which means to behave a trait that brings tears of joy to parents’ eyes.
          Number 1 Song of the Day: The number 1 song in 2021 was Adele’s “Easy on Me” on a run of 7 weeks non continuous to share with 23 other acts recording number 1 hits, 9 of whom achieved their first number 1.  Her is a music video of Adele performing “Easy on Me”:
          Famous Birthdays: Bill Wilson, born on this day in 1895, co-founded Alcoholics Anonymous with Dr. Bob on June 10, 1935 to help millions of alcoholics achieve sobriety  but never overcame his smoking habit to die on January 24, 1971 at the age of 75 from pneumonia.
          Famous Events that occurred on November 26th
          1.       1789—President Washington proclaimed a National Day of Thanksgiving.
          2.       1941—In a too late moment, the Hull Note demanding Japan withdraw from China and French Indochina and in return the U.S. would lift its crippling sanction was delivered to the Japanese Ambassador as the Japanese Pearl Harbor Attack Force was leaving its naval base in Japan enroute to Hawaii after the Hull Note was received in Japan.
          3.       1977— A speaker claimed to be Vrillon, a representative of the Ashtar Galactic, took over the audio of England’s Southern Television for some 6 minutes hectoring viewers to disarm their forces  before signing off, never to be caught.
           4.       1988—Tony Blair became the United Kingdom’s first Prime Minister to address the Oireachtas, the parliament of the Republic of Ireland
           5.      2003—In an end of an era, the supersonic Concorde made its last flight over Bristol, England but do not know it the residents were treated to a parting sonic boom salute.
             Quotes of the Day: Gordon Roxburgh on a Concorde DVD at Heathrow on the last day of commercial Concorde flights: “Here we are, October 24th, 2003, we can get from London to New York if we want in 3 hours, 20 minutes. On October 25th 2003, it’ll take nearly 8 hours.” After the last landing of a Concorde,  at Filton, its pilot Capt. Mike Bannister: “From today, the world is a bigger place.

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