Thursday, November 10, 2022

CNN Pinhead Journalists Attack Powerball and Lotteries as Systematic Racism But Not Biden Induced High Gas Prices


Just when you thought CNN with its firing of Cuomo and Stelter
And demotion of Lemon to A.M. slot was leaving the leftist bias of helter skelter
The Cack News Network lived up to its name
Found racism under another rock to blame
Justin Gamble along with Niquel Terry Ellis attacked his surname
Attacking lotteries especially Powerball with their systematic racism claim
Marketing lotteries to neighborhoods of color seducing them with wealth dreams
To have less money to spend on necessities of life trying to join the upper class teams
In their mind wonder if buying gas with Biden induced higher prices is racist
The poor have less money each time they fill their tank to get to work to be able to exist
The elite Blues traveling in private jets on the cost of fuel could care less
With their higher incomes they are immune to the mere mortals’ inflationary stress
Winning a billion lump sum Powerball after taxes to the state and fed
Is worth the dreams of having a chance to put daily monetary struggles to bed
And put the winnings to good use with philanthropy instead
No one could consume all the interest or dividend earnings but could from the hoods’ violence a chance to have fled
For Powerball tickets a few dollars here and a few dollars there
Cheap cost for dreaming of winning the big bucks and how as winner one would share

© November 10, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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