Sunday, November 6, 2022

After Hobbs Falsely Blamed Reds for Campaign Office Burglary by Illegal Alien Suspicious White Powder on Packages Sent to Lake's Campaign Headquartersr


The Blues’ one trick pony abortion on demand so overworked has gone lame
Desperate Biden and his Blues have pivoted to another anti-Red false claim
The election has now become an election where democracy is at stake
With Obama fear mongering that journalists will be hurt, books banned if we make the voting Red mistake
Having been seduced to vote for Biden as the man who would the nation unify
I suspect the voters will the desperate clarion call of democracy at stake defy
Violence against political candidates or judges is not confined to as Blues claim Reds
From Scalise to Kavanaugh and now Red Arizona gubernatorial candidate Lake it has spread
Today we learn of packages delivered to Lake’s Phoenix headquarters
Coated with a white powder which if anthrax or ricin can make life much shorter
Biden and even Obama have been blowing the dog whistles MAGA fascists
Open season to leftist zealots to justify that they cease to exist
Really a shame Biden and his Blue minions on issues Americans cared about did not campaign
Probably they couldn’t so they could only deflect as support for him and them waned

© November 6, 2022 The Alaskanpoet  

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