Thursday, November 3, 2022

Sunny "Stormy" Hostin Insults Red Women Voters as Cockroaches Wanting Raid


It was a total insult when white women suburbanites were Karens called
Wanting the end to CRT in schools who will be coming out in droves this fall
Over the top rhetoric that in the discussion of issues has no place
Ad hominem insults shut down debate and are a total disgrace
Sunless “Stormy” Hostin on insults has upped the ante and crossed the line
On the clueless View Hostin on women voting Red as “cockroaches” she defined
Not only a pesky insect most despised
But ones so stupid asking for Raid to spur their demise
Calling someone a “cockroach” is the sign of an idiot oblivious on how to get anything done
The person so called will shut down, dismiss anything said, and any compromise shun
Stormy must think such insults are needed doses of red meat to rally her base
But except for the most rabid, she has poisoned the taste
She has no business being on the air
Her decency and rational cupboard bare
But lucky to live in a nation her on air idiocy permits
She should listen to this observation to in the future her idiocy quit
In the event of a nuclear war in which most humans will have died
It is said that only the cockroaches no matter how much radiation will have survived
© November 3, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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