Monday, November 14, 2022

NEA Backtracks on Slammed Comments on Kids' Education It Knows Best But Mom's of 4 Like DeVos Don't Count


On one thing the record of the impact of COVID-19 parents know well
Due to school lockdowns scores in Math and Reading fell
On line learning in elementary schools was a complete disaster
Poorer neighborhoods did not have lots of prior home computer experience to the lessons master
For schools that were open but had mask mandates covering most of the face
The learning skills picked up by seeing facial  expressions were erased
For the teachers’ unions who brag that they not parents for a kid’s education know best
The school lockdowns and mask mandates impact on declining math and reading scores failed the test
All the teachers had to do instead of fighting school openings and end to mask mandates tooth and nail
Was to look at the actions of Blue leaders like Newsom ordering the lockdowns and mandates 2 sending their kids to open maskless private schools did not fail
NEA rightfully blasted for tweeting educators know best
Then backtracking that families’ input needed but as to billionaires suggest
That DeVos as a mother of four was an out of touch billionaire
Whose ideas the high and mighty NEA could never with parents share
Total campaign contributing Hack for Blues  whose Midterm results cheering
Ignorant of the reasons more and more charter schools and in home learning appearing

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