Thursday, November 10, 2022

The Big Sky State May Become the Left to Die State as Voters Rejected a Referendum Making a Viable Fetus Surviving an Abortion a Legal PersonmakmEfernree


Montana was known as the “Big Sky State” but after election day
It may become known as the “Left to Die State” to prolife voters dismay
By a margin of 20,000 votes a referendum that said a fetus that survived an abortion and was viable was a legal person
Entitled to medical care not left to die because it would be to the parents a now unwanted burthen
A fetus born live during a botched abortion would have the same rights as fetus born live and premature
Pro-life proponents heavily outspent by pro-abortion supporters were in shock and rancor
Montana has a Safe Haven Law that allows a parent to drop off a newborn with no signs of abuse aged less than 30 days
At a police, sheriff or fire station, hospital or emergency services provider and from parental responsibilities walk away
In a botched abortion since the referendum did not pass will there be a requirement to provide medical care?
Or will the abortionist be permitted leave the viable fetus to lie there
Until death completes the abortionist’s failed task?
Wonder if the mother seeking abortion or pro-choice backers will that question ask

© November 10, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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