Saturday, November 19, 2022

McCarthy's Chance for Speaker May Be Iffy As 3 Reds Say They Will Vote No; How Many More Reds Will Join?


Under Pelosi’s tyrannical reign as sure as the Sun would rise in East each day
It was almost unheard of if a Blue from the Blue Caucus on critical issues would stray
She ruled with an iron fist as a fund raising without equal machine
No wonder deviations from the Blue Caucus would rarely be seen
Already with cracks in what has to be a united Red front are starting to appear
Some Reds are expressing for McCarthy hesitation and fear
With six seats still too close to call Reds have 218
With some 4 to 6 more winners in the Red column to be seen
3 Red have announced that as Speaker for McCarthy they will not vote
If 4 more join them McCarthy as Speaker will have missed the vote
Without the Senate in Red hands trying to advance an agenda will be a tough job
While fighting tooth and nail against Biden’s agenda that will our prosperity, security and standing rob
The first words out of McCarthy’s mouth was that the investigations start on January 1
When the words should have been the agenda to improve our lives will have begun
The Reds have probably less than 9 months into 2023
Before battle lines will be drawn for 2024 and blame game and gridlock we will see
While Trump’s personality not his policies for economic advancement will be a divisive force instead
Can the Reds in the House not be looking backward at investigating the past misdeeds rather with an agenda looking ahead?
To in 2024 to run on a record of what was in the best interests of the nation?
Blocked by a Biden White House and a Blue Senate instead
Will the Reds striving to replace  senile president be torn asunder
By a Trump sucking the oxygen out of the room trying restore his past thunder?
And will the Blues faced by cognitive disaster Edith and doctors cannot hide
Tear themselves apart in presidential mania trying to push Biden aside?
Too early to tell
Only for certain we face a political Hell

© November 19, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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