Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Biden Warns Russia "not one inch of Ukraine" as Two Missiles Strike NATO Member Poland How Does the U.S. and NATO Respond?


The War in Ukraine has taken a deadly and dangerous twist
Raising fears that containing the war will get harder to exist
Two Russian rockets hit a Polish town near the border with Ukraine
While Russian missiles on civilian targets in Ukraine cities contain to rain
Putin seems hell bent to bring Ukraine to its knees
Oblivious to the growing number of Russian coffins Russian families now see
We cannot protect every village and city from missile attack
But the question must be raised why do Iron Domes the nation lacks
Maybe the Palestinian rocket are too crude
And so easy to destroy when Israeli airspace they intrude
Biden has vowed to defend every inch of the territory of Ukraine
Including the territories annexed which Zelensky has vowed cannot be retained?
Against a non-nuke power like Syria we were quick to retaliate
With cruise missiles to the offending air base devastate
What do we do if Russia does not apologize and reparations for the deaths and damages pay
We are out of sanctions and those in place gutted by China so do we send a limited missile strike Russia’s way?
The ante in this high stake poker game has been raised
Has Congress been briefed and consulted on the escalation dangers appraised?
Any military reaction has to be limited and well thought out
Designed to deter future attacks on NATO countries but not a Russian escalation bring about

© November 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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