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Ridley's Believe It Or Not November 28


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Ridley’s Believe It Or Not November 28, 2022
National Holiday: Cyber Monday  Brewery Sunday: Created by Ellen Davis of the National Retail Federation and celebrated since 2005 on the first Monday after Thanksgiving by going on to your lap top or smartphone to shop on line assuming your credit cards were not mortally wounded by Black Friday and Small Business Sunday and join millions of cyber shoppers expected to purchase close to $12 billion, a new record.
          Word of the Day: The word of the day is “abigeus” which means a cattle rustler which with the growing trend of plant protein and the concern over bovine methane emissions may be a fading criminal profession.
          Number 1 Song of the Day: The number 1 song in 2019 was “Someone You Loved” by  Lewis Capaldi on a run of 3 weeks non continuous to share with 15 other acts recording number 1 hits, 10 of whom including Lewis Capaldi achieved their first number 1.  Here is a video recording of Lewis Capaldi performing “Someone You Loved”:
          Famous Birthdays: Johnathan Stewart Leibowitz, better known to his fans and detractors as Jon Stewart, born on this day in 1962, noted TV host and comedian, best known for tirades against Fox News Network for distorting the news but who in recent years has become a tireless advocate of the 9/11 responders exposed to toxic cancer causing materials and veterans.
          Famous Events that occurred on November 28th
          1.       1914—After being closed due to the start of World War I, the NYSE was reopened for business limited to the trading of bonds with stock trading reopened on December 15, but not below prices that existed on July 30, 1914 until April 15, 2015 when restrictions on price for trading stocks was removed.
          2.       1942—The Coconut Grove Theater, owned by Barney Walensky, whose mafia and political connections allowed him to operate in violation of fire protection standards, caught fire and with too many locked doors blocking exit resulted in 492 people dying and 130 injured and Walensky tried and found guilty manslaughter and sentenced to 19 years  but pardoned after serving almost 4 years to die of cancer less than 9 weeks after his release.
           3.       1989—In what has become known as the “Velvet Revolution”, prompted initially by student demonstrations against Communist rule which quickly spread to the entire population, Communist Party announced it had withdrawn its monopoly as the only allowed political party.
           4.       1990 —The Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, resigned as head of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister to be replaced by John Major.
           5.       2002—3 al-Qaeda linked terrorists suicide bomb the Israeli-owned Paradise Hotel in Mombasa, Kenya, killing 13 and wounding 80 while another group of terrorists fired 2 shoulder surface to air missiles at an Israeli chartered jet airliner but fortunately missed.
           Quote of the Day: New York Times, January 3, 2015  on The New Street, a stock exchange opened in NYC 8 days after the NYSE closure:  “It furnished a market where stocks could be bought and sold by those who had especial need of liquidating their holdings or had money to invest . . . . At the height of its activity, the New Street market consisted of about thirty-five brokers who dealt for cash only. In the downward slant of prices in October, it was estimated that fully 40,000 shares a day were handled for a number of days, fairly well divided between 100 share lots and 9 11 fractional amounts of stock. The average daily turnover during September, October and November was placed…between 8,000 and 12,000 shares.” Although the volume of stocks traded was some 3-5% of the number daily traded before the closure, it does represent the ingenuity of capitalists to circumvent the collapse of liquidity.

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