Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Mayorkas Fires Back at McCarthy on Impeachment Threat--Claims DHS Is Working to Secure Border


After McCarthy’s scathing remarks that Mayorkas must resign or face impeachment hearings
One would have thought he would view it as an empty threat and not fearing
With a slim Red Margin in the House and the Senate under Blue rule
Mayorkas must have viewed McCarthy’s remarks as the ranting of a fool
But Mayorkas to our great surprise came out swinging to try to defend
The indefensible as illegal immigration in October rose to continue the rising trend
He had the DHS claim it’s continuing to enforce our laws and secure the border
While building an immigration system that is safe, orderly and humane as we see crossing lines getting longer not shorter
Safety in the delusional minds of Mayorkas’ DHS
Must mean quickly transporting illegals to the interior to relieve that trekking stress
Orderly in the oblivious minds of Mayorkas’ DHS
Must mean illegals need not flee only stand and wait to be processed
Humane in the unrealistic minds of Mayorkas’ DHS
Must mean all illegals fleeing poverty must have unfettered access
Ignoring that if a lifeboat must pick up all who have been thrown into the drink
There is an almost certain chance that the lifeboat will flounder and then sink  
Sadly only three things will the border secure
First, that illegals morph into voting Red to lose their Blue allure
Secondly, that Reds take over the W.H. in 2024
And reinstate and enhance the Trump border policies Biden continues to ignore
Third, the border states joined by states feds are shipping illegals to declare they are being invaded
And turn all illegals without approved asylum back since their safety, security and prosperity are being degraded
If New Mexico, Texas and Arizona all so declare
It will mean California will have to almost all illegals have to bear
Causing Newsom maybe to preserve his presidential aspirations
To join with the three states and withhold any condemnation
© November 23, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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