Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Joyless Reid In Meltdown Mode Over Florida De Santis and Rubio Wins


The polls are closing across the nation but in Florida “Joyless” Reid is having a meltdown
DeSantis and Rubio both won their races and in Miami Dade County Blues slid into flipping grounds
Reid was ranting that Florida had morphed from a swing state
To “far, far right” as DeSantis and Rubio she continued to berate
For someone who started her “journalist” career she seems clueless of the political landscape
Only that Blues counting on Hispanic vote has seen it evaporate
The night is still early and even the House for Blues is a lost cause
At least come the 1st of January we will rid ourselves of the Pelosi tyrant whose rule has been flawed
Still way too early to the outcome in the Senate predict
Only that if Reds flip it and Biden’s failed agenda be able to interdict
Biden may be forced to morph into a Clinton and with Reds no longer demean
But rather to move to the center and his failed progressive policies begin to wean
Deep down when he talks to Jill at night
And confides he really is not up for a reelection fight
He might come to his senses and call on a reelection run quits
To face reality and his mental lack of fitness finally admit
If so the nation will be treated to likes of Newsom wanting to president be
With Harris bemoaning her cackles and word salads we too often had  to see

© November 8, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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