Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Hochul's Gun Free Zone Stricken Down by Federal Judge


More and more Americans in urban cities especially those in New York for their safety fear
While in public wondering if a thug with a gun or knife will suddenly appear
For those mere mortals who cannot afford an armed guard the only alternative is conceal and carry
Knowing that without if you encounter an armed thug you will be wounded or buried
Hochul pushed through legislation that turned Times Square, preschools, playgrounds, nurseries and libraries are gun free sites
And also added mental hospitals, places of worship, public parks, zoos, theaters, conference centers, protests and bars where conceal carry permit has no right
Well intentioned law to prevent mass shootings but ignored the fact
Criminals don’t follow the laws and gun free zones armed criminals attract
Felons may not be the brightest but when it comes to getting shot
They avoid confrontations with armed victims who can cause the farm to be bought
A federal district judge allowed the law to continue to these sites guns prevent
Times Square, preschools, playgrounds, nurseries and libraries but to the trash can the other sites went
The provisions of the law that require a permit applicant to reveal social media posts
And prove the permit applicant was of good moral character also became toast
We have suffered too many mass shootings at places of worship, theaters, and bars
Where a good man with a gun will stop an evil one before his killing goes too far
The plaintiffs who support the 2nd Amendment touted that Hochul was eating humble pie
Hands slapped as she was trying to for law abiding citizens the 2nd Amendment defy
Later on Election Day we will learn if an upset has taken place
And whether an unelected governor the voters will replace
Knowing that if they live w/Soros supported D.A.’s
Soft on crime prevention D.A.’s like Bragg will be going away
© November 8, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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