Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Bozo O'Rourke Strikes Out For the Third Time Running For Office--Time to Retire From Politics!


In war the third soldier lighting his cigarette on the same match
Is a magnet for a sniper at night to the soldier’s life snatch
In baseball the third strike sends a batter back to the dugout
The third out in an inning sends that team back on to the field or to the showers without a doubt
In football in a third down play that fails to advance to a first down
Means it is time to punt or a field go try which is a disappointing letdown
In politics what should the third failed run for office be?
Another run or a resignation from politics voters would like to  see?
Bozo O’Rourke who was the instant darling of the left when he ran against Cruz
Close but no cigars as the in a close race would lose
Ran again a second time this time for president in 2020 with higher sights
Raised little money and had no traction and before a single vote cast dropped out of the fight
In 2022 another run for office this time to Governor Abbott try to unseat
Like a stuck record he went down to another landslide defeat
Three strikes and if felonies he would be in prison forever
Time for him the status of noncandidate for good tether
© November 8, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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