Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Final Week of the Campaign and Biden Is on Gaffes and Lapses Roll


80 may be the new 60 when it comes to physical fitness
But in Biden’s case on cognitive ability it’s like a centenarian in mental distress
Our president looking very physically and mentally very frail
Was spewing gaffes and lapses on the final week of the campaign trail
Wasserman was elevated to a Senate seat and campaigning for Wes Moore
Biden couldn’t remember his name until signs in the audience the name was restored
Bragging about meeting the man who “invented” insulin in a typical Biden ranting
Problem that to have met the “inventor” Frederick Banting
He would have needed a court order to exhume
As Banting died a year before Biden emerged from the womb
Biden’s pivot from abortion on demand to the Red’s democracy threat
Too little, too late and too false and by dismissal and rejection will be met
This is probably the most important midterm we have yet to face
In order to stop the economic, crime, border and CRT chaos Blue majorities we must erase
If Jill were the doting wife, she needs to be
Deep down she should be hoping for a Red Wave to see
Which should cause Biden to his Quixote ideas of running again end
And to the beach for walks together away from D.C. the Bidens send

© November 8, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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