Tuesday, November 22, 2022

McCarthy Makes Empty Threat to Mayorkas to Resign Or Be Impeached While States Declaration of Invasion Might Work

 McCarthy like most Americans is outraged over our open border
Counting the illegals not caught some 3,000,000 this year
A welcome open portal for deadly drugs like fentanyl to make our lives shorter
With Title 42 ended by a federal judge, an increased number we should fear
The troika of the “border is secure” liars
Mayorkas, who won’t resign and impeachment won’t result in a guilty verdict, and  Harris and Biden
Ignoring the fact the numbers this year will be higher
With their heads in the sand hidin’
The border states other than just Texas must declare
They are subject to an illegal alien foreign invasion
And the costs, damages and dangers to safety they can no longer bear
And all the pleas for feds to secure the border have been met with evasion
Some 2.2M illegals with mostly bogus asylum claims crossing the Rio Grande
And then signed in with a promise to in an Immigration Court later to their “asylum” claim hear
Then put aboard by the CBP on a bus or plane and sent into cities across the land
And when their appearance date comes years from now they have disappeared
The declaration soon would head to the courts facing  TRO’s
Plaintiffs would argue illegals are not armed so an invasion it cannot be
As a first step as toward SCOTUS the case would go
As our schools, medical care systems, social safety nets and cities face insolvency
We need more immigrants who follow the law
Not just those wanting to flee to make more bucks
Claiming asylum status that is almost always flawed
If we cannot secure the border our prosperity, safety and quality of life will suck

© November 22, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

© 11/22/22 The Alaskanpoet


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