Saturday, October 1, 2022

Joyless Reid Rants That Protecting Property Against Looters Is Racist


Watching the brazen mobs in their illegal smash and grabs
It must look like the social order is hit with fatal stabs
Likewise when in a disaster natural or man-made
Criminal forces pounce to social order degrade
Looting is the sign of a civilization’s collapse
As the fires rage and thefts occur one only hears the sound of taps
Sounding the end of civilization and rule of law going to seed
When looting occurs do we listen to condemnation from Joyless Reid?
No from her we hear a blast
That De Santis warning against looting is from our “racist” past
This woman is a complete disgrace
Any issue is society is due to our race
Looting strikes fear in all regardless of the color of skin
When looters steal we all lose and no one wins
If someone in the aftermath of a fire or hurricane wants to rob you blind
Thank God that looter breaking in might an armed person find
Wonder if this biased Reid when looters came knocking at her door
Would step aside to the looting or hope her armed security would her safety restore?

© October 1, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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