Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Behar Inanely Claims Changing Demographics Mean Reds Must Cheat Ignoring Reality That Blacks and Hispanics Leaving Blues in DrovesIalcks ahthejhhphics


Listening to The View’s  Mega biased Joy Behar
After the outrage passes you might have pity for this has-been trying to regain her star
Each day she tries to out ad hominin Goldberg and Stormy in her attacks
Is this being done due to producers’ pressure or does a sense of reality she lack?
Her latest diatribe is that changing demographics mean Reds will have to cheat
In order for in elections avoid crushing defeats
In her pro Blue bubble expressed daily on the View
Cannot see that the days of Hispanics lockstep voting for Dems are through
Nor can she remove the cataracts of bias about the voting of plantation voting descendants of slaves
Who are in growing numbers rejecting the take us for granted Blues despite all the decades of vote they gave
She is totally oblivious to the facts that inflation especially in transportation and heating damage low and middle income the most
Even after eliminating the meals out of the house and the vacations when it comes to the essentials of life their struggles make them toast
Behar is overpaid to the tune of $7 million bucks per year
From inflation she has nothing to fear
Even if the left’s darlings of Sanders and Warren pass a wealth tax before the Reds Congressional majorities regain
Her life style will not be impacted a bit not like those forced out of apartments and homes into the heat, cold or pouring rain
The View  ranks number 1 in viewers with over 2 million a day
But only 4th in age group 25-54 watching their future by Biden’s inflation going away

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