Saturday, October 29, 2022

Lurking in the shadows and ignored by Biden is shortage of needed diesel fuel to heat our homes and fuel the means of delivery of most products rneeded


The Biden Administration is waging war on fossil fuels while trying to fight a war on inflation
As prices continue to rise and pension buying power falls Blues are facing increasing condemnation
The Blues Midterms  1 trick pony abortion on demand campaign
Against Red issues of inflation, crime, open border and drugs is being flushed down the electoral drain
Trying to pivot to erase voters’ memories of “Defund the Police” they are now the party of tough on crime
Too little, too late and the voters are not buying the pivot as we near election time
But lurking in the shadows a growing casualty of the fossil fuels war
While gas prices remain high diesel fuel prices off the charts soar
Worse supplies of diesel fuel are at near all-time lows
Almost all products move from factory or farm by ship, barge, train, or semi-trucks
Almost all of which are powered by diesel and without it consumers are out of luck
As we leave fall and move toward winter with its colder climes
Households in the Northeast and Midwest heating their homes with oil are facing a really rough time
When the home furnace shuts down for lack of oil and the temps near or below freezing reach
Shivering residents bundled up to the max no longer will listen to what the climate change warriors preach
Worried that especially if elderly they will freeze to death
Shivering too hard to swear at Biden as they take their last breath
From the Biden Administration only the sounds of ignoring and silence do we hear
Oblivious to the coming winter temperature without enough fuel we now fear

© October 29, 2022 The Alaskanpoet   

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