Thursday, October 13, 2022

Anyone Like Henry Cuellar Voting With Pelosi 95% of the Time Is Not a Moderate But a Myth


Henry Cuellar a Blue who has been in the House for 17 years has the moderate label
Yet votes with Pelosi 95% of the time which makes the designation more like a fable
When anyone not blind could plainly see the border was not secure
He finally blasted Harris and Mayorkas for claiming otherwise and demanded Harris come to his district to tour
To add to his moderate fable, he was the only Blue to vote against the Woman’s Health Protection Act
But voting with Pelosi and her leftist agenda 95% of the time belies that label as a fact
His Red opponent Cassy Garcia on the issues that to voters count
The issues of crime, inflation, open border and drugs that continue to mount
That he is all talk and action none
Hoping like a fellow Red Flores she make him done
How anyone regardless of race living on or near the border
Having to endure the constant wave of illegals and chaos and disorder
Could support a Blue
As more and more illegals keep coming through
Totally boggles the mind
With only 48% of Hispanics approving Biden, Garcia’s name they should find
Cuellar has already made what could be a grievous faux pas
Claiming he supports Pelosi no if ands buts for Speaker and then his district which is flawed
No matter how they try to divert attention from Biden to the issues of abortion
With inflation and crime raging and open border wide open due to Biden, they are not going to pull off that distortion

© October 13, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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