Thursday, October 13, 2022

Blue House Candidate in New Mexico Third District Eliminates Hispanic Maiden Name of Red Opponent in Ads Making Her "Non Hispanic'"

 Blues are in a panic mode as the Hispanic vote is no longer to the Blues slanted

Like black voters they are becoming fed up with voting for Blues and being taken for granted
Reds’ positions on inflation, energy production, crime and open borders have struck a responsive chord
More and more Hispanics geared to family, faith and hard work are coming on board
In New Mexico’s Third District two women a vying for the seat
Blue incumbent Teresa Leger Martinez is facing Red Alexis Martinez Johnson who wants to unseat
The District is heavily Hispanic and Apache and for Blue candidates is almost always a safe seat
Martinez is hoping despite crime, inflation and open border against Johnson her win she will repeat
The campaign has degenerated into the slinging of mud and Whitewash gate
Martinez’s campaign refers to Johnson without her Hispanic maiden name thinking Hispanics then to Johnson won’t relate
Teresa is divorced from her ex-Martinez but retained his name
Even though Hispanic through her mother of bilingual education fame
Who married a man with a surname Leger, a state senator, who sounds non-Hispanic
Is the dropping in ads of Alexis’ nee name a sign of losing Hispanic vote panic?
Alexis has been named by Reds as one of their rising  “Young Guns”  
Hoping she will ape Rep Flores and the Blues in the Third District stun

© October 13, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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