Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Anyone Who Voted Early For Fetterman Must Be Praying After the Debate With OZ He Doesn't Win


For those residents of Pennsylvania who have voted early with their ballots mailed in
And watched Fetterman debate Oz and had voted for him must be praying he doesn’t win
The Blues’ tactic when your candidate is mentally impaired
Is to keep the candidate hidden so positions with Reds, voters cannot compare
In Fetterman’s case on the campaign trail he was not to be seen
So voters would not be able to his fitness or lack thereof glean
Watching him last night even if a Red you would have pity and empathy felt
Over the mental and physical adverse impact on him his stroke had dealt
Along with condemnation of his wife and the Blues who allowed him to run
After last night anyone watching the debate will a vote for him shun
But before sympathy and pity cloud our minds to consider for him to vote
His positions should make any voting for him remote
Despite on the record in the past calling to fracking ban
Now lies to claim support as PA is second leading natural gas production state in the land
When it comes to violent crime,
Fetterman wants to release felons before their time
But like most of the Blues who want to divert voters from the issues that matter
By the one trick pony gamble to inflation, crime, open border and drugs shatter
Vote for Fetterman and you vote for abortion on demand to the moment of birth
While fearful of your safety and your income with inflation trying to buy necessities subject to increase death

© October 26, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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