Saturday, October 15, 2022

MSM Leftist Outcry on Fetterman Forces Rolling Stone Journalist Kara Voght to Alter Her Tweet Observations


While the issues like crime that Fetterman and Oz on which disagree
Should be more than sufficient to have Oz as the new senator we will see
The issue about the impact on Fetterman of his stroke still remains
Many voters are not sure recovery from the stroke is complete in his brain
In a move that aped Edith Wilson who covered Woodrow after his stroke
Or images of Jill shepherding Biden where he must go evoke
Rolling Stone journalist Kara Voght writing about Gisele Fetterman
That she had been transformed into a de facto candidate and political star once he ran
Implying what many think that Fetterman was unable to his duties perform
The outcry from the left was quick and “de facto” to “key surrogate” was reformed
Gisele has become a political star in her own right and Voght alluded to Fetterman recovering
A loyal wife who was quick to pounce on Cara Bush for her observations on his small talk difficulties before her interview to viewers bring
But the MSM to cover for Fetterman to lash out at voters’ concerns as being ableists
Is an action the MSM in the future should try to resist

© October 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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