Monday, October 24, 2022

Thanks to Clyburn We Have Harris and No Matter How Much Saudi Royal Family Ridicules Him We Can't Replace Him


For those who see Biden on TV we should not be surprised
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in private ridiculed Biden and thought his mental state was in demise
Biden can barely remember what day it is or where he is at

Perfect example of a cowboy with no cattle but wearing a big empty hat
His handlers must know any advice will have a short memory life
And if they fail to shelter him and conceal his mental fade, they will face the fury of his wife

World leaders dealing with Biden or more correctly his puppet masters
Must cringe in horror listening to his policy gaffe disasters
In world where 6 nations have nuclear arms and at least 2 on an acquisition path
We want our leaders with the launch codes to be mentally all there when implementing their ruling craft
Diplomats are trained to obfuscate their true plans and aims
All the while making sure the world does not go up in nuclear flames
We know that Biden caved to Rep Clyburn’s quid pro quo demand
That Biden commit publicly to having a black female judge to be named to the highest court in the land
Clyburn stormed out to meet Biden during a break

To demand he commit to so name which he did after resumption of the debate
Wonder if Clyburn also demanded he name a black woman to the ticket
Which without black support from Clyburn’s endorsement he faced a sticky wicket

Otherwise, why would have picked one of the most unpopular candidates who quickly withdrew from the race?
Making it next to impossible to despite his mental collapse put her in his place

© October 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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