Saturday, October 29, 2022

Biden Claims Fetterman Is His Kind of Guy


Biden comes out liking Fetterman as his kind of guy
The kind of senator on whom voters can rely
Admits he has had a stroke but that each day he gets better
Watching him on Parole Board wanting to murderers unfetter
In that regard he may be getting better at the victims’ families  expense
Who still grieving feel that early release from prison makes no sense
Watching him as a lifelong foe of fracking lie about fracking support
Means he is getting better at trying to his past abort
Fetterman is clearly impaired by his stroke
Like Biden whose mental ability has been impaired and partially revoked
Biden and Fetterman mentally are like two peas in a pod
Cognitively impaired and pushing policies that are totally flawed
Surprised the master of the bunker basement campaign
Did not forcibly urge that Fetterman from a debate refrain
The fact that Blue Big Guns are now on the campaign trail
Are fearful that Whitmer, Hochul, and Fetterman to name a few will fail
Why do not be surprised that top Blues will morph the attack on Paul Pelosi
Into the result of MAGA Domestic Terrorists allowed to incite hate and run free
Biden is blaming Reds for their “divisive attacks”
Already forgotten his speech with Marines bathed in red behind his back

© October 29, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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