Friday, October 28, 2022

Phils Down 5-0 Come Back 6-5 To Win 6-5 Against Astros in Game 1 of the World Series


The World Series Game One was played tonight
After their loss to the Padres neither the Dodgers or Padres were in sight
The Astros were and with their Cy Young winner on the mound
They were quickly shutting the Phils down
Out to a quick 5-0 it looked to be an Astro’s romp
But in baseball unless ended after 5 innings due to rain
9 innings have to be played before you can as a Game One victor reign
Phils clawed back and the game was tied at the end of nine
Into extra innings to see who as the winner would be defined
In the top of the 10th Phils catcher Realmuto hit a solo home run
If the Phils could prevail in the bottom against the heart of the lineup the game was done
For those who think baseball is as exciting as watching grass in the ballpark grow
The Astros tried to their comeback victory mode to their fans show
The first Astro struck out followed by the second who a double hit
Followed by Kyle who already had two home runs to give the Phil pitchers the fits
But had exhausted his quotas of hits and went down swinging for out number 2
But the pitcher no longer could find the strike zone on the pitches he threw
Astro runners on 1st and 2nd base  and the pinch hitter Diaz watched a pitch go wild
Runners now at 2nd and 3rd base and on a 2-0 count a hit by pitched ball was dialed
But ump ruled that Diaz leaned into the pitch to be hit
And his jog to 1st base he had to quit
With the pitcher looking wild Diaz could have taken the 3-0 hoping for a ball
But he swung again and missed and on 3-1 swung again to ground out and end it all
The “Fightin Phils” lived up to their name
Tomorrow at 5:30 PDT Astros and Phils play the second game

© October 28, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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