Thursday, October 20, 2022

Gloves Are Off in a Debate Between Mace and Andrews As Mace Rightfully Calls Andrews a Flat Out Liar


Blues restricted to running on one issue--abortion on demand are forced to lie
To deny ignore issues of crime, inflation, and open border and to avoid by their opponents from being crucified
Blue Dr. Annie Andrews running to unseat Red Mace was caught in a lie she could not escape
Advocating abortion bans after fetal viability but attacked Mace for banning all abortions despite incest or rape
Mace a rape victim herself called her a flat out liar and demanded she look her in the eye
And claim the facts of her distortion she could not deny
Mace is built with a solid backbone as the first female graduate of the Citadel
Lie about or to her and you would be lucky to escape with only a polite “Go to Hell”
Since abortion of demand is the Blues’ one trick pony
The only way to win on that point is to espouse the claim so phony
That Reds want to ban all abortions even in rape, incest or to the life of the mother save
Knowing full well that an overwhelming majority of Americans do not support late term abortions
Explains why Mace’s position was subject to her lying distortion
Mace went further to support abortions where severe fetal abnormalities would to an early death result
But to no avail was Mace spared from Andrews lying insult

© October 20, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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