Thursday, October 6, 2022

It's "Protect and Serve" Geldart Not a Smaller Citizen Assault


Christopher Geldart, the Washington, D.C. Deputy of Public Safety and Justice,
Who works out at Gold’s Gym and is a big man with muscles looking quite robustus
Evidently is not familiar with the job specs
Supposed to keep public safe not assault their necks
Geldart opening his car door in an Arlington Gold’s Gym hit Dustin Woodward’s girlfriend’s auto
Not sure the damage extent but quickly in altercation that followed Geldart forgot the ”Protect and Serve” motto
Assaulted a much smaller Golds’ Gym trainer by the neck
As spectators moved to stop the assault and the smaller Woodward to protect
Woodward called Geldart a big bully and assault charges chose to file
Looks like Geldart will be on administrative leave for a while
A reporter showed Mayor Bowser a phone video clip of the assault
Who said the act was being investigated to see who was at fault
Could not comment due to ongoing investigation
To Geldart after seeing the video a suggestion
Assaulting a citizen has nothing to do with your job description
You might want to spiff up the resume and start looking for a new position

© October 6, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


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