Saturday, October 1, 2022

Lunch Companions on the Starlight Heading to San Jose


One of the great pleasures of traveling by train
Instead of cramped up with legs going numb on a plane
Is that you have a chance to a decent meal sit down to eat
And better yet since you rarely can sit alone interesting souls you meet
On the Starlight on October 1 heading north to San Jose
To learn as an emeritus Trustee what academic programs Stanford wanted to display
I sat next to a retired couple who were taking the Starlight to SFO to home fly
After visiting with their daughter to the distances defy
Often empty nesters downsize and move within the city or to a new state
Proof positive that the American spirit of adventure has not chosen to abate
Here my dining companions formerly of Costco and a company that made wheelchairs
Had this surprise with me to share
After retirement they moved not across the nation but across the pond
That living in the Golden State that had become Pyrite finally dawned
Too many people, too much traffic, crime and taxes and cost of living that made one grieve
California roots may be deep and strong but for these two it was past time to leave
Portugal, next to Spain, welcomed them with open arms
Comparable beach weather, excellent wines, lower cost of living as part of the charms
As a bonus while Portuguese may be a difficult language to use as a necessary tool
Expats by the thousands speaking English are not the exception but the rule
A happily married retired couple in a foreign land free to hobbies and challenges to pursue
Cleary a decision that nary a chance to even begin to rue
As illegals over 2 million surge into this nation seeking the sidewalks of gold
So refreshing to meet a couple who on a better different life were sold
And brought back memories so fond of a Portuguese uncle with my aunt
Who founded Tony’s on Lake Coeur d’Alene where as to quality, service and value residents still rant

© October 1, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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