Friday, October 14, 2022

13 Year Old As 1 of 4 Attempted Robbers of a Highland Park, CA Convenience Store In Custody For Murder of 68 Year Old Clerk


The news in a Highland Park death during an attempted robbery make you want to puke
And the parents of a 13 year old one of the robbers for child endangerment to rebuke
4 teens tried to rob a convenience store of a case of beer
A clerk fought to try to stop them and another clerk to help appeared
Sadly Stephen Reyes at 68 years old was hit in the head
Rushed to the hospital where he died instead
What kind of parents allow their teens to beer drink?
If they also indicate it’s okay to steal their parenting stinks
Do not know if there was a father at home
Or whether a single mother all alone
The 13 year old is in custody and his 3 fellow attempted robbers are being sought
We can only shake our heads in disbelief of the behavior being taught
A parent hopefully joined by a spouse
Are the indispensable line of defense to insure proper upbringing in the house
Pity the child who grows up without a father to prevent his teenage crime sprees
And for the innocent victims even more pity as lack of safety rules in the city

© October 14, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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