Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Biden on a Hot Mic Making Profane Threats to Opponents


Biden had to put his anti-Red domestic terrorist campaign myth  on hold
To fly to Florida to the damage wrought by Hurricane Ian behold
Met with a probable 2024 opponent if he with his age and fading mental acuity is foolish enough to run
All smiles and empathy for the deaths and damage and a federal helping hand and anti-Red attacks to publicly shun
But on a hot mic we were able to learn Biden’s true feelings on a De Santis race
To a Blue Fort Myers Mayor, we were treated to learn the kind of candidate any Red would face
Biden touted that “No One F**ks with a Biden” proving not a shred of unity he still embraces
This frail, senile, hostage to the Blues’ leftist Progressive wing
Has thrown down the gauntlet to a divisive nation the 2024 election will bring
We are all used to profanity in politics that comes with the territory
But this profanity implies a real threat and despicable story
Like the parents who protested CRT teaching any Red running save Liz Cheney like
The politicized anti-Red FBI and DOJ against their supporters and donors will be quick to strike
Shame on the man who ran as an adult unifier to end the divisiveness idiocy
Quickly morphed into vicious attacks on over 74 million voters as threats to our democracy
A one trick pony running on Red threat and the need for unrestrained abortion
While on inflation, crime, border and economy trying to  push massive distortion

© October 5, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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