Thursday, October 27, 2022

MSM and Left Wants Us to Blame All Social, Behavioral and Economic Problems on Climate Change


Water may be the universal solvent, but the left has found the universal cause of doom
Listening to the litany of woes is alleged to have caused fills us with gloom
The new universal villain is no longer religion or race
Those past villains have now been replaced
No according to the left public villain number one
Is now climate change which most sane people should stun
The climate change warriors have long blamed hurricanes, tornadoes and weather so extreme
But not enough of us frightened to change our ways to pursue the carbon free emissions dream
Climate change warriors’ solution to change behavior was add to the danger list
Making it more difficult to the Green New Deal to resist
The NYT has opined those babies in the womb during Sandy had higher level of psychological issues after being born
WAPO opined that hotter temps due to climate change resulted in more hate speech and violent behavior as the norm
CBS has opined that increased childhood obesity can to climate change be linked
After earlier opining that climate change helped the Taliban push the Afghan government over the brink
The MSM and the left believe that whatever natural or manmade disaster exists
It is due to our inability to climate change effectively resist
Should come as no shock
Why sane Americans MSM and the left mock

© October 27, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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