Friday, October 14, 2022

Dasha Burns of NBC For Doubting Fetterman's Ability to Understand Questions Ravaged


While the pseudo journalists of the MSM continue to any examination of the effect of Fetterman’s stroke to resist
Worse they demean anyone who questions his stroke’s effects on his ability as an “ableist”
In their mind Fetterman should receive investigatory slack because of his stroke
While his “campaign” images of a replay of Biden in his bunker basement to evoke
One pseudo journalist Dasha Burns of NBC had the temerity to question Fetterman’s ability to respond to conversations
Almost immediately she was the target by liberal pseudo journalists of condemnation
Who conflated her views on his abilities
As an attack on all persons with disabilities
Before the questions were on a screen were displayed
As an attack on all people with disabilities who struggle each day
Like a loyal wife Fetterman’s wife chimed in claiming Burns a disgrace to the disabled, journalism and Americans all
Rhetorically wondering when the consequences of her statements on her would befall
Burns must have known her fellow pseudo journalist would turn on her
As she claimed she had no comment on his ability and once the questions were on the screen his understanding, she was sure
Another lesson in this Woke world learned by even pseudo journalists of the press
If you have thoughts about abilities of Blues those thoughts you ought to suppress

© October 14, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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