Monday, October 10, 2022

Harvey Weinstein Back in L.A. To Start 8 Week Trial For Sexually Abusing 5 Jane Does Including the Wife of Gavin Newsom


Harvey Weinstein already convicted in New York and sentenced to prison for 23 years
Is back in L.A. to before 5 more women accusers in another sexual abuse trial to appear
4 Jane Does and one woman married to a political wanna-be
None other than the governor of California who sitting in the Oval Office he foresees
All including Jennifer Newsom will testify as Jane Does
If found guilty Harvey could face up to 135 years to life in prison to go
An 8 week trial to give the 5 victims some closure of his heinous crimes
But an overweight, crippled Harvey at 70 will most likely not live to do any California prison time
Not sure the cost to taxpayers of an 8 week trial will have to pay
But the trial sends a needed message to reptilian brains that their urges they must not obey
Jennifer Newsom is a maker of film documentaries and her story like the many other victims of Weinstein
Launched the #Me Too movement to become a cause to end sexual abuse on the national scene
For his abusive forced romps in an unwelcome sack
In his cell the quality of the “Golden Years” he will lack

© October 10, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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