Sunday, October 23, 2022

Court Strikes Down Goal of Same Sex Nuptials to Require a Specially Created Cake


Marie Antoinette said let them eat cake not bread
Due to outraged citizens she lost her head
As a Christian who believed that marriage only by a man and woman could be achieved
Tastries owner Cheryl Miller refused to use her decorating skills a wedding cake conceive
A gay couple wanting a memorable wedding cake
Would not her artistic skills want to forsake
Demanded the state not allow her to discriminate
Would not accept her referral to any baker as a baker viewed by them as second rate
So the State under its antidiscrimination laws
Was petitioned to cancel the refusal in its anti-discrimination jaws
Not a case of selling something because a person was black
But forced to create something your faith attacks
A brief victory for the forces of artistic expression
That the left cannot no longer win its suppression
A woman of faith should not be forced to use her talent to create
A work of art on a wedding cake that the artist could not relate
Being in the closet for too long a time
Means that anyone who interferes  against the gay and lesbian community is worthy only of a crime
But in a ruling for 1st  Amendment and against transgenders’ rights
Finally putting any end to the transgenders’ victories in their fights
A court has found common sense to rule that if commerce products the right to purchase your cannot shed
Nor can you force an artist to create a cake for same sexes seeking to be wed
A cake may only be a cake to eat
But now not one’s faith to be able to defeat

© October 23, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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