Monday, October 3, 2022

Joyless Reid Rants That De Santis Is a 50's Racist Segregationist For Warning Looters They May Be Shot By Property Owners


Anyone who is dumb enough to listen to Joyless Reid
Will get an IQ boost if her rants that person refuses to heed
This pseudo journalist is a pony with only one trick
No matter what, always claim “racism” and on the wall hope it sticks
In natural disasters too often the worst of human nature appears
Looters ravaging shelves of goods and spreading fear
Total anarchy with the first responders in storm hunker down mode
While looters run free to break into sheltered businesses or evacuated abodes
De Santis warned potential looters to stand down
Even with the first responders gone, plenty of private guns still abound
A public service to warn looters that breaking in to loot
They might meet an owner who to protect his property is willing to shoot
For that call to looting anarchy try to prevent
Joyless ranted De Santis was of the 50’s segregationist bent
Before this leftist rants about shooting looters, she must to stores looted out go
Lifetime of hard work destroyed and for residents necessities shopping hurdles to grow
Clearly there is no “joy” in Joy
Unbelievable she is still in MSNBC’s employ

© October 3 The Alaskanpoet

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