Wednesday, October 5, 2022

A Leopard Doesn't Change His Spots Nor Does Leftist Gabe Vasquez on Police, Open Border, Economy and Income Inequality


As the election nears
Watch for the chameleon candidates to appear
Both sides of the aisle ape the color changing reptile
Sadly candidates sniffing the voting winds have been doing this for a long while
Gabe Vasquez who is trying to convince voters he is not 100% behind the Green New Deal
His support of the oil and gas production jobs in New Mexico he belatedly now reveals
One color change does not this chameleon into a desirable candidate make
Anyone who believes this rabid leftist has mellowed is making a big mistake
This socialist who believes America is really Amerikka to blacks and browns oppress
Wants to deconstruct the police and the economy with half-baked schemes leading to massive safety and economic distress
Clearly a believer of an open border wanting more illegals not less
And end to whites being elected and income inequality—the man does not jest
Pelosi supports this socialist/Communist fool
Knowing he would for her a very loyal tool
Too often our minds with all the political ads become fogged
Become mired in the what can be believed bog
But in Gabe’s case the record of his past is all too clear
If you want a secure border, less crime, lower inflation and gas prices, his election you should fear

© October 5, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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