Saturday, October 8, 2022

Orthodox Jews Feeling Like "Sitting Ducks" Sue New York Over The Concealed Carry Improvement Act


When it comes to public safety Governor Kathy Hochul
Is a complete dangerous yokel
Felons if they can read about gun free zones they will not obey
Banning guns in synagogues is a magnet for anti-Semites to enter and slay
Violent and deadly Anti-Semite attacks have been on the rise
No wonder many Jews feel worshipping at a synagogue will lead to their demise
Hochul’s gun free zone law prohibits conceal and carry permit holders from being armed
In places of worship where Jews are more likely than ever to be harmed
The law like so many Blue efforts misnamed as The Concealed Carry Improvement Act
When a better name would be A Magnet for Anti-Semites to Synagogues Attack
A group of Orthodox Jews have sued New York State
To the law as it applies to synagogues abate
Banning worshippers from packing for their own protection from anti-Semite violent attacks
Should be construed as an attack on the First Amendment to prevent Jews from to their synagogue coming back
Having a paid armed guard will hopefully an attack deter
But knowing a number of worshippers are packing will the safety of all insure
Unless the attacker is hell bent on committing infamous suicide
But even then, fewer worshippers in such a case will have died
Every person of the Jewish faith should for Zeldin vote
Hochul from the mansion to her personal residence they must demote

© October 8, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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