Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Even With a Memory Altering $1 Million Inducement Steele Could Not Corroborate Falsehoods of Steele Dossier


Any doubt Americans have that the FBI has been corrupted and politicized has been laid to rest
At the trial of Igor Danchenko charged with lying to the FBI, FBI Agent Brian Auten testified the FBI offered Steele $1 million if he could pass the Steele dossier corroboration test
Even with the memory altering inducement of a million bucks
He could not corroborate the dossier’s lies meriting it into the trash bin being chucked
While the Blues and the MSM filled the airways in a constant Russian collusion stream
Our once vaunted FBI was working 24/7 to destroy Trump’s presidency with the false Russian collusion pipedream
Whoever trounces a senile Biden in 2024 must also bring a Red majority to the Senate
Must ruthlessly pursue a cleansing of the politicized DOJ and FBI tenet
Never again can this nation allow Lady Justice to cease being blind
To relentlessly pursue and punish those espousing a different political mind

© October 11, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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