Friday, October 28, 2022

A Bidden Gaffe Or Does He Know that Fetterman's Wife Would Be the De Facto Senator Like Edith Wilson the De Facto President


Every time Biden’s lapses and gaffes lead one to believe in his mental demise
On occasions often rare he makes a statement that on his mental state gives use a surprise
Most people watching Fetterman’s noncampaign campaign or his debate believe he is very stroke impaired
That he is no way qualified to sit in a U.S. Senate chair
If somehow he wins, we will see an Edith Wilson déjà vu
His wife Giselle will be the defacto senator mostly out of view
A Rolling Stone columnist made the same observation but quickly deleted his Tweet
Changed Giselle’s role from de facto to surrogate to help him win his seat
Biden coming to Pennsylvania to for Fetterman’s Senate bid campaign
Observed that “Giselle would make a great, great lady in the Senate” in his refrain
Could it be watching Fetterman that the neurons in his brain
Were sparked to some life to know he would have to have his wife as de facto senator retain
After Woodrow Wilson’s stroke his wife Edith was able to the effects mostly conceal
Weakened by his stroke Woodrow was unable to push us into the League of Nations deal
Which without us in, the seeds of WWII were planted to later be harvested in a bloody ordeal
But Gisele seems not be an Edith Wilson as her latest rant revealed
She wanted to open up the Lt. Governor’s mansion to the public with its pool
Since swimming is racist it would a racist combating useful tool
© October 28, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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